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Tour - Guestbook

Xolani has given us an extraordinary insight into the history of the townships and into the wonderful work of community development projects. So inspiring to have people to people contact and to connect from the heart.
Janette Ryan
Canberra, Australia
12 June 2013

A very authentic visit to a township with Xolani, who knows and understands the people of the townships and Africa’s history. Wonderful projects, I noticed some excellent developments since I visited Cape Town townships in 2001.
Muriel Ryan
Canberra, Australia
12 June 2013

We had a fantastic tour. The history we learned was invaluable and made it easier to understand what is happening in S Africa today. The hard work and help provided by the leaders we met today provided the hope your citizens need to make life better for everyone. We met real heroes today and it was inspiring. With people like these, the future of S Africa is bright. Thank you for the experience, it was a pleasure.
Ron, Beth and the Rosecrans family
Greenwich, Connecticut. USA
11 June 2013

Very informational tour! Loved seeing the community development projects.
Nicole Natsias
St Louis, MO. USA
30 May 2013

This tour was very informational. It made me feel a real connection to the community that I wouldn’t have received if I didn’t go on the tour. It was very inspiring, thank you.
Olivia Cupp
St Louis, MO. USA
30 May 2013

What a wonderful experience! A unique way of learning about apartheid and South African culture.
Alex Cupp
St Louis, MO. USA
30 May 2013

This was a very informative tour, I loved it. You’re doing a great job. Touched my heart! God bless.
Pamela Cupp
St Louis, MO. USA
30 May 2013

Fabulous, very authentic – a highlight for us. Great information well-spoken guide.
Joan and John Fitzgibbon
Savannah, GA. USA
24 May 2013

Highly educational, our coordinator and project coordinators were helpful, informative and wonderful people. Thank you for this experience.
Malt and Suzanna Castaldo
Washington DC, USA
20 May 2013

Fantastic informative tour and a great way to experience the ‘other side’ of SA life. Thank you.
Imogen Blundell
London, England
20 May 2013

This Tour gave us a really good view about the “other Africa”, during our holiday. Very well explained by our guide Xolani, Thank you so much. Keep up the good work
Hans and Wendy Rothengatter
Berkenwoude, Hollard
16 May 2013

Very interesting, informative and very personal!
Miriam Schitlek and Daniel Vorholt
Cologne. Germany
08 May 2013

Great – we will refer all of our family and friends! Good luck on future endeavours Uthando!
Keya and Mark
Toronto, Canada
05 May 2013

Absolutely fantastic – better than we’d even imagine and we had high hopes, we are so grateful for what you’re doing. Glad to have been a small part of it!
Goun M’Cloney
Seattle, WA. USA
05 May 2013

Thanks for sharing a piece of SA with us!
It was an amazing experience to see the communities and projects. Humbling experience, Thank you. This tour was the highlight of my Cape Town trip, keep doing the amazing work. It was perfect!
Jennifer Tipple, Nicole Penney, Leigh Mcglone, Erin Smyth and Scott Walsh
St. John’s, Newfoundland. Canada
26 April 2013

Wonderful informative tour with much information. My Guide was excellent and conveyed the message of hope + much work ahead. People helping others not just themselves.
Kevin Strand
Seattle, Washington. USA

Uthando is doing great work by promoting awareness for visitors from all over the world about the townships and the lives of the people who live there. The projects that we visited and that are supported by Uthando are addressing emotional, physical, economical and educational needs of the residents. We felt honoured and blessed to have interacted with the leaders of these projects, as well as the beautiful people who participate in each project. Keep up the good work, we will spread the word! Thank you!!
Anne and John Phillips
Norfolk, Virginia. USA
17 April 2013

Everyone should learn about Uthando, the projects it supports and the fabulous people benefiting from their work! It is an experience not to be missed and only adds to a visitors understanding of the history and culture of this beautiful country and its people. We were moved emotionally beyond imagination and the passion and dedication of Xolani and Fred and the people “helping their own” is infectious and incredible. Keep up the wonderful work, best of luck!
Ellen and Doug Ellis
Virginia Beach, Virginia. USA
17 April 2013

We all enjoyed the tour. The kids liked that there were some funny moments and comments. It was nice to have a variety of projects.
Karin, Sasha, Zoe, Theo and Josephine Oleinikov
London, UK
12 April 2013

Wonderful and fascinating. It was very interesting to see the work being done to help and improve these areas.
Manchester, UK
12 April 2013

Uthando is making an important contribution to giving people the opportunity to grow and learn. We are grateful for a chance to see these projects.
Richard and Barbara Letvin
Trinity, Florida. USA
10 April 2013

Important and educational experience! Projects to help people of all ages, elderly – newborn very inspirational!! Beautiful natures of people.
Denise Courshon and Alan Weisberg
Miami Beach, Florida. USA
10 April 2013

Absolutely fascinating and eye opening morning. Really important to hear the political and economic background to the townships as well as meeting the inspiring people, Thank you.
Morgan Family
London, UK
09 April 2013

This tour helps me to place together the history of South Africa. Although a good deal of important history occurred during my lifetime, I was pretty unaware of it there is a lot to take in. it will take me a good deal of time to fully process it.
Mary Sanders
New York, USA
08 March 2013

An excellent tour and experience. I very much enjoyed meeting with the people and seeing what their organizations do. I will recommend this tour to all who are coming to Cape Town – it gives a more complete picture of the people, city and country. Thank you for the opportunity!
Rebecca Sanders
New York, USA
08 March 2013

Really enjoyed tour and viewing the work that is done. I especially enjoyed NOAH (Neighbourhood Old Age Home), they were wonderful.
Kathy Dalle Molle
Larchmont, NY. USA
08 March 2013

It was so interesting to hear and see about life in the townships. Thank you for this way of caring.
Tina and Tobias Arnold
Wuppestal, Germany
06 March 2013

Great tour, a lot of interesting information, it was great to get in touch with the people in the projects. They were all lovely, as our guide.
Haible Family (Martin, Ingrid, Stephanie and Sabrina)
Kirchheim, Germany
06 March 2013

Cold start and Warm finish
Leo Come
06 March 2013

A privilege to meet such amazing women who are empowering others with their knowledge and special ways.
Clive and Michele Pollard
25 February 2013

Super interesting – inspiring us to help!
Claudia Heymann
Frankfurt, Germany
25 February 2013

Fascinating to see the projects and meet the people doing all the work!
Gavin and Sarah Brown
25 February 2013

Meaningful and Educational!
Margie and Boob Kaplan
Orinda, CA. USA
25 February 2013

Really interesting. I am impressed!
Sandra Grobach and Family
23 February 2013

Excellent educational tour. Gives a good perspective on the past, present and future of South Africa. Congratulations on your achievements so far!
Jostein Furnes and Family
Oslo, Norway
18 February 2013

Humbly an inspirational tour!
Eric and Sarah
18 February 2013

This was a fantastic trip, inspiring, informative and teaching. The work done is incredible and our guide was full of interesting information. We loved it!
Andrew Betham and Val
18 February 2013

It has been a wonderful morning to see so much commitment, is fantastic. Thank you! Keep up the good work, it helps.
Ulla Poderson
Copenhagen, Denmark
15 February 2013

Life isn’t that easy as we thought. The tour has opened our eyes, but we hope that development will continue. You have our sympathy.
Anni and Egon Petersen
Kolding, Denmark
15 February 2013
Lovely tour! Very informative and I feel like I saw a lot of different elements which taught me many new things! I would have liked to have brought some vegetables from the garden!
Dana Ryan Lande
Oslo, Norway
12 February 2013

Very interesting tour, eye opening. Amazing, all those situations, cultures and people living next to each other.
Thierry Gagnard
Brussels, Belgium
12 February 2013

Very insightful about the resettlement project from shack to better living conditions. The individual projects give people the opportunity to earn a living.
Katty Kuah and Family
11 February 2013

Amazing and friendly experience. We liked very much the projects that we visited. Our guides are our friends. This experience has been over the expectation.
Francesca Mauti
Rome, Italy
09 February 2013

A very interesting and informative morning spent with the people of Khayelitsha. An uplifting experience in a city that is moving forward.
Susan and Kevin Coen
Tottington Bury, England
08 February 2013

This was one of the most interesting and informative few hours. I have ever spent in South Africa. I will definitely try to come back and recommend it to all my friends. Thanks Xolani and Fred and all the wonderful people working in the projects. Go on with the wonderful work you are doing, Go on!!
Sigi Hellberg
Hamburg, Germany
08 February 2013

We are deeply impressed. Thanks so much!
Kirsten Fischer
08 February 2013
Great over view of the township life and people – very informative! Great insight into the culture and history. We look forward to seeing what other Uthando projects you have.
Sean, Kelly, Katie, Sean and Maddie Domnick
Florida, USA
05 February 2013
Excellent tour! Was very interesting and inspiring. We enjoyed all the stories and your warmth and passion. Thank you!!
Ksenia and Michael Wahler
04 February 2013
Fantastic! My kids and I had a great time and would suggest that anyone visiting should go your tour!
Rosanne Wallace and Family
Toronto, Canada
04 February 2013
Eye opening, most rewarding and great guide.
Nick Glen
31 January 2013
Very informative and enjoyable. It was so nice to see the progress and welcome change. You do excellent work, thank you!
Danielle Dawson
31 January 2013
Great tour with fantastic information. We really enjoyed each of the centers visited, thank you so much.
Jorden Dawson
31 January 2013

Excellent informative tour. Very pleased to see how these projects are in place to help the African community.
Anne Bruneau
31 January 2013
Great guides, great projects and good experience. Thanks
30 January 2013

The tour today is what most tourists should see, just to give them the correct idea in which direction South Africa is travelling today. Having two guides was a very good way to give us information, thank you for an exciting and informing day!
Christina and Kent Johansson
29 January 2013
Thank you for offering us this wonderful opportunity to become familiar with and visit projects in your community and meet the people who are doing such important work. Xolani and Fred are an enthusiastic, wonderful and positive team!
Joanne Foster
Seattle, WA. USA
Excellent tour – very informative! Xolani is very knowledgeable about both history and current events. I especially enjoyed visiting the projects.
Janey Elliot
Seattle, WA. USA
24 January 2013
Very informative and interesting to see how people live and support themselves. Should not leave South Africa without having visited some township projects with Uthando.
Charlotte and Goran (George) Karlsson
Strand, Sweden
22 January 2013
Great Work!!
Diane and John Patience
Chicago, USA
18 January 2013
A wonderful trip, thank you for showing us the townships. Great guiding, great guide…Thanks!!
Pehr Larsson
16 January 2013
Very nice trip and this was a learning experience and good to see. The information was excellent.
Thomas Andersson
16 January 2013
It was a very interesting trip to see how people in the townships live and have their life’s there
Robert Lundunrn
16 January 2013
Very interesting and educational in general
Orebro, Sweden
16 January 2013

Fantastic tour, Great opportunity to find out more about past and current issues in South Africa. And to see some of the great work going on in the projects.
Caroline Lambs and Colin Black
Edinburgh, Scotland
09 January 2013

A very informative combination of history and politics, with a view of how there is improvement by self-empowerment.
Jeffrey and Gillian Gruder
London, UK
09 January 2013

The best visit was the last one (Thokozani Brothers) with the choir. Beautiful also the visit to the craft center and gardens. Interesting commentary of the Apartheid effect by the guide, moving.
04 January 2013

Really interesting and rewarding visit and commentary.
Anthea Graham
Lomme, France
04 January 2013

Absolutely wonderful. The co-ops we visited are absolutely fascinating! It’s so wonderful to see people doing these incredible things for their communities.
Dana Snyder
New York, USA
04 January 2013

The tour was wonderful and the guide was knowledgeable of the places and the lives of the people. The people we met were inspiring.
Lisa Snyder
New York, USA
04 January 2013
Wonderfully inspiring and informative tour. Xolani was a super guide
Linda and Seth Plattus
29 December 2012

Truly inspiring tour! Our guide was so knowledgeable and personable. We really enjoyed the entire visit.
Nina Ross
29 December 2012

The tour was so informative and the projects were really inspiring. Our guide was absolutely superb. He hardly stopped for breath, he was a fountain of knowledge and information and he made the whole visit extra especial. Hope you have a great weekend, Very best regards!
Toni Zekaria
28 December 2012

Just to say ‘Thank you’ for the inspiring tour yesterday. It’s given me a glimpse of the social, cultural and historical struggle of South Africa, past and present, and also hope for the future! Needless to say, I felt I’d only scratched the surface of whatever I encountered there, but it really put my South African experience into the wider context and makes me want to come back and learn more about the country. I’ll always remember Cape Flats whenever I think about Cape Town. It is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries I’ve ever visited and I do hope it will be shared and enjoyed by all South Africans a day. Best wishes!
Mari Hirano
13 December 2012

Fantastic! You are doing amazing work!
Julie Ellis
27 October 2012
Thanks! Wonderful
Penny and Steve Papadopoulos
27 October 2012

Very informative, interesting and touching.
Stefan Jacbsson and Mona Ahlmqvist
16 October 2012

Amazing! Great, informative guide. Experience with children, garden and elders was perfect.
Rachel Marsh
Fort Collins. USA
10 October 2012

I will go on Trip Advisor to describe your tour and how much it meant to us. Thank you again, for the insightful and thought-invoking trip to the projects in the townships. I will stay in touch.
Pat Barron
10 October 2012

Many thanks for the trip you did for Nicola and Me on Thursday. It really was a highlight of our visit. We felt like royalty on tour and were very impressed with all that you are doing and by the welcome we were given at every center, so keep up the good work.
06 October 2012

I was on tour with you a couple of weeks ago. My husband Rick and friend Bette Cruikshank, were with me. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent touring the different projects. It was an educational and inspiring morning. Looking forward to hearing back from you, take care.
Debi Justice
28 September 2012

Very informative and inspiring. Thank you James for your passion and commitment to change and empowerment.
Stella Fakiyesi
London, UK
05 September 2012

Very interesting and educational, it was great to see the townships and learn about them.
Robert Lutz
24 August 2012

Girls sang for NOAH and Siyazama, Samantha goes to a choir school in USA.
Lili Foggle
19 July 2012

Thank you for guiding us. It was so interesting and amazing what you have shown us, something special.
19 July 2012

Hi James thanks again for an extraordinary experience, one that will resonate within us for quite a while, and hopefully help amplify your efforts.
Neil Stollman

Greetings from Dublin. I just wanted to say we enjoyed the cultural odyssey we had in South Africa and indeed Swaziland. We carry warm memories of our time with you visiting the projects. The singing and dancing was special but so were the kids and the Garden. You do great work in a passionate and unassuming way and thanks for sharing some time with us. Here’s to a bright future.
Michael Feeney
06 July 2012

Uthando is definitely on my list- one of the things that will bring me back to SA. I’ll be looking at the videos of the event of which we viewed rehearsals…esp. the young girl playing the drums for one of the younger dancing groups. Thank you for your time with us, Unbelievable!!
Joyce Halverson
06 July 2012

Our group leader is gracious and inviting. He is very committed and communicated in an excellent way. For now I am taking it all in, a wonderful tour.
Tina Johnson
03 June 2012

Educational, enjoyable + unexpectedly relaxed and welcoming tour. Very hopeful.
Roxanne Ismail
03 June 2012

A wonderful, uplifting educational experience we had. It meant a lot to be received with so much warmth from the people we met. Thank you.
Clements Family
Newton, MA. USA
25 June 2012

We enjoyed our chance to visit and learn about the township. The people were kind and very hospitable. We are looking forward to sending support to these organizations.
Michele Hirsch and Family
Atlanta, Georgia. GA
21 June 2012

So great to meet you and we thoroughly enjoyed our Uthando experience. It was a highlight and you are doing amazing things. We will support your efforts in any way we can. We will also post positive feedback on trip advisor and Facebook. We loved it here—especially the people and hope to return soon.
Julie Robertson
California and Washington DC, USA
19 June 2012

My name is Tasha Griffiths; I recently attended your tour on Monday. Thank you for an amazing experience!
Tasha Griffiths
11 June 2012

You gave my family a tour last week (maybe Tuesday), which we greatly enjoyed. Thanks for your time in providing the tour!
Jean P. Hickey,MS, LMHC, NCC
Rochester, NY
28 May 2012

This is Lauren from the University of Southern California. I’m one of Erna’s students you took on the township tour a couple of weeks ago. For our school’s online publication Neon Tommy (, I’m writing an article about our experience in the township.
Lauren Foliart
University of Southern California
17 May 2012

I went on a Township tour with you and Erna Smith from USSC a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it! Now, I’m interning at the Children’s Radio Foundation and we’re doing a show on youth and the environment to coincide with World Environment Day next week.
Tricia Tongco
University of Southern California
17 May 2012

My name is Tallie. I was one of the students that was on your tour with Erna Smith and the group from University of California. I had a great time on the tour! We stopped at some great places. The only thing is I was not able to stay long enough. I really want to do a profile on each of the places we stopped.
Tallie Johnson (MA Candidate/ Broadcast Journalism
University of Southern California
17 May 2012

Thank you for the emails! I can't express how inspirational and life-changing our tour was with you. If it weren't for the fact that I am already committed to an internship in the city centre til July, I would be back with all those children volunteering. I honestly think about your organization and the children everyday since we visited. I WILL be back. I will be keeping in touch and hope you do the same. Thank you for the wonderful experience!
Angela Blakey (USA) May 2012

The tour that we had with you guys was unlike any other cultural tour I have ever taken. The laughs and the tears were a testament to the human condition and the 'uthando' that you bring to the people that you help is nothing short of extraordinary. The words to thank you for enlightening us to a world and a people so different from ours do not come easily. I tear up now just thinking back to that special day that we spent with Charlene visiting the kids and the incredible time we shared with our new found friends at the 'old folks' centre. Thank you again for all that you do!!!
Zoe Mulholland
October 2011

We would just like to thank you again for a truly inspirational morning. It is not an experience that any of us will forget and we feel very privileged, and humbled, to have had a small insight into the work of some truly incredible people. The children have talked about the trip a lot and it has really made them appreciate what they have, in a way that us telling them has never managed to achieve. It has given them a new perspective on their lives and one that I hope will stay with them and inspire them during their impressionable teenage years and hopefully beyond.If we are lucky enough to come back to South Africa an Uthando tour will be right at the top of our list of things to do and in the meantime we wish you, and all of your projects all the very best, and will follow your website postings with interest.
Sadie Hubbard
October 2011

I’ve been in and out of the townships for years, but this was a special perspective. Thanks for such a great experience!
Mary Pat Selvaggio
Parklands, RSA
October 2011

It was a wonderful way to learn about your projects, plus the history of the townships. Charlene was fantastic.
Anita Slevaggio
Chicago, USA
October 2011

Wonderful, really great experience to see such fabulous positive things happening in the local communities.
Bunty Penman
Victoria, Australia.
October 2011

Thanks for helping us understand the history of Apartheid government and learn about life in the Townships. You do great work and it was wonderful to see first-hand how our dollars and support can help.
September 2011

Charlene’s knowledge was very impressive and her passion for Uthando’s work is obvious. The whole morning was so enlightening and enjoyable. Wonderful experience. Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing.
Lynda Harris
Victoria, Australia.
September 2011

Incredible experience- shows the reality & difficulty of poverty with hopeful programs in place. I think it really improves international understanding.
Jude Roony
Prescott, USA
September 2011

You are fantastic and doing wonderful work! Inspiring tour of an unknown area of S.A culture to us Brits. Thank You.
David Altman and Michael Placks
Heath Lodge, UK.
September 2011

Thank you for bringing this much needed balance to my trip to South Africa, especially Cape Town. I could not understand the gap between what I saw from the plane (near the airport) and the affluence elsewhere.
This has been the most informative and most importantly part of our trip. Thank you for all that you do here.
M.J Haylestrom
Worksworth Ontario, Canada.
September 2011

Thanks so much, James, for a really eye opening visit. We’ll look forward to your newsletter and another visit in person!
Chris & Dede Helmsworth
Portland, USA
September 2011

Thank you for a wonderful, inspirational insight into the amazing work you do with the community projects in Cape Town!
Zara Rosenberg
TAJ Hotel Concierge, Cape Town
July 2011

We both thank you so much, we really enjoyed the tour, and appreciate feeling actors rather than spectators of what is happening around us. We've learned and discovered so many important things in only 4 hours, it was a blast!!
Your projects are amazing and leading with so much passion, a good reminder of reality!
Roxane Lebrun
Ekima Travel,Cape Town
May 2011

Thank you SO much for the outing yesterday – wow what a wonderfully inspirational experience !
I was so incredibly impressed by the extent of your knowledge, it was very beneficial and I learnt so much. The whole outing was so moving – when we were leaving the old age home I actually had to put my sunglasses on inside because I felt silly crying. They’re all such wonderful people with such rich souls and diverse histories.
Leah De Klerk
Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town
April 2011

Thanks for taking us on an inspirational journey to several projects in the townships. My tennis team mates were very impressed with the tour and with your passionate explanation. It is exactly the heart warming efforts of the special people that we have met, that can make a difference in the lives of many. Pls keep up the good work. And I will gladly promote your efforts and make travellers enthusiastic to go on your tour.
Paul Cosijn
Green Journeys
JH Utrecht
March 2011

We were very, very, very impressed with your work!!!!
Gunilla and Sten Jonsson
January 2011

The Uthando tour was an outstanding experience for us especially your engaged and inspiring way of leading it. Without this tour we would have missed the understanding of the way South Africa has and is developing. So thank you and good luck with future projects.
Kaj and Marie Rosen
January 2011

I can speak for the whole group when I say its was a great experience to witness the work being done, we have similar issues within our town and neighbouring areas, maybe not on the same scale but nevertheless so important to us. I think we learnt a lot about the resilience of people and working through adversity, and what sticks out most in my mind was the warm friendly nature of the people we met. Can I wish you all the best with your work and maybe we will meet up again as we develop further work.
Once again thank you so much and best wishes.
Gordon Huxley
Blackburn College
United Kingdom
October 2010

Martin and I want to thank you for taking us down "the road less travelled" on our visit to Cape Town. It was a very thought-provoking experience and we shall never forget the warmth and generosity of spirit of those we met.
With all best wishes for the future of the projects that are close to your heart
Maureen Sabine
Hong Kong
June 2010

Thank you so much for letting me come on the tour. What an amazing and rewarding experience. I can't stop talking about it.
Issy de Galleani
Original Travel
London, UK
April 2010

I cannot believe that I have visited South Africa since I was 8 years old, but never seen anything that taught me as much as those few hours did. Incredible work you are doing ! Thank you so much.
Sally Kirby
Formerly of Black Tomato
London, UK
April 2010

Thanks for a truly memorable and inspiring experience: it was wonderful to see the work you are doing, and the spirit and warmth of the people we met will stay with us for a very long time.
Ian and Mel Redman
United Kingdom
February 2010

We were very moved and inspired by our Uthando field trip. There is such much good will and hope in SA.
Arthur Lockett
United Kingdom
February 2010

Thank you very much indeed for an absolutely fascinating excursion last Friday. I don't think that "enjoyable" is a word that can describe such an experience but impressive, moving and, in a strange sort of way, uplifting it certainly was. It gave us a unique insight into what human beings can achieve even in the face of what might seem insurmountable hardship. And, of course, the tangible and moral support that organisations such as Uthando provide is absolutely crucial in encouraging those involved in the various on-going projects.

We were also privileged to benefit from your extensive knowledge of the history - particularly the more recent political history - of South Africa and enjoyed (the right word this time!) discussing these issues with you and listening to your views, which you may have judged, are very much in line with yours.
Andy & Frances Grieve
February 2010

Thanks too for the field trip and history lesson. It made us so much more aware of the challenges facing South Africa and the good work being done. You should be proud of what you and Uthando's projects are accomplishing.
Anna Simmons
California, USA
February 2010

We really want to thank you, and the project workers - the visit was memorable and one of the highlights of our trip.
Jim and Jenny Gervasio
January 2010

Returned home to Cincinnati last night
I cannot stop thinking about my amazing day I had with you yesterday
Thank you so much for sharing your passion , insights and most of all allowing me to meet your friends
truly a lasting impression I will never forget
stay in touch.
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
much love
Nancy G. Seward
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
January 2009

Thank you for a most interesting tour around the outskirts of Cape Town. We had a great two weeks in South Africa. The highpoint of our trip was the tour with you, however. An eye opener for all of us. The children loved it. Please thank all the people that made it such a worthwile experience for us (volcano et al). A real inspiration for all of us to meet someone who cares so much and is so dedicated to a worthwhile cause.
Henrik, Marie and all the kids.
Stockholm, Sweden
January 2009

I wanted to thank you for the time you took to share your work with us last week. It was, for all of us, a wonderful and humbling experience. I hope that you will not mind me saying that your tour was both informative and sensitive. I mean by this that we felt relaxed and although we were tourists it did not feel like a tourist experience.
Neil Deasy
London, UK
January 2010

It has been 5 months since we returned from our holiday in South Africa and the event that has left us with one of the most memorable experiences was our visit to the projects in Khayelitsha with Uthando.

We were completely unprepared for the visit and, in hindsight, realise we failed to acknowledge the need to have provided something on the day to help support each of the projects. As a family we have talked and reflected many times on what was a truly wonderful, but emotional experience and we have the utmost respect for what you have and continue to achieve.

As for you James I can only say how pleased and humbled I was to meet with you. In life my faith in human nature has been questioned so many times, but in you I can see someone who has the same depth of feeling and belief in that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity no matter what their circumstances are. These are values both Karen and I have always tried to instil in our two boys and our time with you reinforced that message better than anything we could have ever conveyed.

Thank you for restoring my faith that there are other people in this mad world that really care and are prepared to make a commitment to make a difference.

Steve, Karen Andrew and Michael Boreham
U K, December 2009

Thank you so much for your help with our epic journey to Africa! My Uthando Day was by far my favorite day there. I've been trying to put the experience into words for people for a few days, and still can't do it justice...
Cathy Dopp
USA, December 2009

On Saturday, I was so humbled and deeply moved by what I experienced. I am not sure what I expected – and perhaps the non expectation heightened the experience.
The vibe in the hall – one of excitement, pride and expectation was palpable. The pride of so many parents – whether sober or drunk....was deeply moving and the realisation that Dance for All gave all these kids an opening out of their inherited poverty – to a potentially very bright future, was an incredibly moving and heart warming experience. I was especially moved by a conversation with one parent who stated that she had said to her daughter “don`t be like me – go to school – study – and use your feet to dance your way to a better future” ....really gave me inspiration to see that these kids represented the future of South Africa.
The talent on display was awe inspiring,, the crescendo of noise was captivating and intoxicating, but what came over so clearly was the passion combined with the talent. The size of the smiles, the palpable sense of pride in their achievements and the realisation that an organisation like Dance for All actually changes lives was deeply moving and absolutely uplifting.
My abiding memory will always be of that utterly adorable 3 year old boy who simply stole the show by his breathtaking dancing, his rhythm and his charisma. To realise that he is a child of one of Dance for All`s original kids......just went to show what amazing long term empowerment and good comes out of Dance for All ...and really is a magnificent example of the regeneration of South Africa. Kids are our future ......and seeing how a project like this can provide world class entertainment as well as change lives of ordinary children – was simply amazing.

Thanks so much for the opportunity – what a shame more visitors to South Africa were not there to see the “real” South Africa.
Rosemary Sloggat
London, UK, November 2009

A fantastic experience, and most importantly one that never at any moment gave a feeling of ‘us - the privileged’ and ‘them - the project’. We were simply members of the audience mixing with the family and friends of the performers. And what a performance they gave. From the little ones beaming in their tutus to the electric presence of the senior dancers, the whole show was mesmerising. It was a privilege to be there, and I am humbled by the achievements of the directors, the teachers, the choreographers and most of all by the students themselves.
Daisy Ions
Cape Concierge, Cape Town
November 2009

We were SO impressed by the breadth of your projects! So many different needs are being met...just amazing. You are doing a remarkable job and I hope I can be involved in many ways. Congratulations and best wishes!
Gloria Polis
California, USA, November 2009

A most enlightening and inspiring trip
Irene and Lindsay East
London, UK
November 2009

So very uplifting, being with such positive people in situations of such considerable challenge.
London, UK
Rick and Lynda Moir
November 2009

We arrived back this morning after a fantastic trip. We all loved South Africa. The projects you took us to see were certainly one of the highlights of our two weeks and very thought provoking. We have talked about them a lot and would very much like to be kept informed about Uthando and to help in any way that we can.
Alan, Sheila and Alan Falconer
London, United Kingdom
November 2009

Outstanding and impressive experience !!!
We will try to set up a continuous support for you and UTHANDO !!
Andreas Moeschl
Niddaer Strasse 20
61209 Echzell
phone: +49 6008 1383
mobile: +49 175 2600318

My husband and I both agree that your honesty and clarity of such a difficult subject is very impressive. Our discussion at dinner was reflective of the similarities of the problems both our countries are confronting. There are no easy answers.
However, when people who are like minded take the time to help others and share there knowledge and skills, it makes the difference in improving the world. Thank you again. We look forward to being involved in the future.'
Mark and Rosemary Zimmerman
Alaska, USA
October 2009

Thank you for an excellent informative personal and emotive tour. Thank you to all your friends in the townships that have allowed us to meet and learn about them.
Alex and Vicky Ings
London, UK
September 2009

Thank you for taking me on such a life changing experience.
Four Rosmead
Cape Town
September 2009

Thank you VERY VERY much for a fantastic time this morning.
That was a great eye opener experience and opportunity to learn more about South Africa and absolutely fabulous people like the one we have visited and yourself for doing such a great job.
Patrycja Seneczko
Manager, O on Kloof
Cape Town
September 2009

Thank you so much for taking us on a tour of your projects in the townships today. We all found the experience gave us a new perspective on South Africa that we otherwise would not have seen. We were so impressed with your efforts on behalf of the people in the townships, and wish you continued success.
Jaffe Family
San Fransisco, USA
August 2009

The morning we spent with you visiting the projects was for me, the highlight of our trip to Cape Town. It was not only meaninfgul and interesting but totally inspiring. The courage of Margaret and Nokwanda and the team from the Abalimi vegetable gardens to pursue their projects in the midst of such adversity and poverty is incredible. The sights we saw and people we met that morning have stayed with me since and I hope will remain with the boys for ever and cause them to appreciate the advantages they have in life. I very much look forward to receiving your newsletter and keeping up to date with developments at the various projects.
Many thanks
Pearce Family
July 2009

After having participated in your field trip I realized how ignorant I am and how quickly one pushes desperate situations to the back of one's consciousness, so as not to have to deal with them. Perhaps it's because one doesn't really know how to deal with them in order to alleviate the situation that so many of our fellow citizens live in when one lives on another continent. Of course one can make donations, but that somehow doesn't feel like it's enough. I still don't have a satisfying answer, but this eye opening, interesting, saddening, yet also hope-filling trip you took us on made me realize that we all have to do much more. It should really become a "compulsory" trip for all South African high school children and "wealthier" local citizens and for visitors to South Africa, not just that help in the form of money can be hoped for, but also to show how much the many selfless individuals like yourself and the people involved in the projects are doing to build bridges between the "haves" and "have nots" and to assist those less fortunate to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The media here in Germany seems to focus on what's not been done in South Africa, how many promises have not been kept, but listening to you and seeing the developments in the townships and the individual efforts shows the dynamic and positive side for a change. This is uplifting and should also be made known.

Thanks again for the absolutely enlightening trip, for teaching us so much and for letting us get an inside picture of a life we'd certainly never really get to know. It was truly a life-changing experience, even if this is not the first township I'd been too. It's the way you present the situation of the people living there in a very sensitive and respectful way, the history that brought this all about, the struggle to get rid of the system etc. that gave me a so much better understanding of fellow South African citizens. One cannot but admire and respect these folk. It certainly makes one feel so enormously grateful that one was never disadvantaged or discriminated against. How weird - all just because of superficialities like looks....

What you also managed to impart on this trip was a feeling of hope for the future. The friction and unnatural interaction of the past seems to be dissipating more and more. Now it does feel like we're all one nation and proud to be South Africans. I hope this is not just a feeling I have when I spend time in South Africa, but it does fill me with happiness.
Andrea Munster
Jacana Tours
Munich, Germany, July 2009

Thanks for the authentic cultural experience; I found it to be really moving particularly when all the kids said goodbye and the old fogies started singing and dancing. Uthando is clearly making a real difference in many peoples’ lives. The goodwill that you have already created is obvious and you would need to be the ultimate ice man not to be touched by the projects that you are supporting. The experience that you offer is exactly the type of experience we are wanting our guests to have. You are doing great work and we will definitely be supporting you.
David Shorrock
Four Rosmead Hotel
Cape Town
June 2009

Brilliant tour, very interesting and insightful. Fantastic experience. Thank you
Charlie and Katie Gunn
Earlsfield, London
May 2009

Thank you for a wonderful tour. It made the townships be so much more real and alive for us. It humanized the people living there and made your efforts to support their efforts so much more understandable. You are doing great work, James.
Ellen Zinner and Edward Dudley
Maine, USA
April 2009

Thank you so much for a very interesting morning. You became our "walking history book" and I could have listened to you all day.
We learned so much from you about the hopes & aspirations of your township people and were priviledged that you introduced us to some of them.

Charlotte has returned to school a little wiser I hope & with an insight into the way of life & problems in South Africa.
It's certainly given her ideas about that "gap year" but there's "a lot of water to go under the bridge" before then.

We wish you well in the fantastic work you are doing
God Bless you all
Margaret Jones
London, United Kingdom
March 2009

A very humbling and enlightening experience
Jean Holmes, SA Tourism
April 2009

Thank you for the time and effort you have put into spreading the love ! An enlightening experience with a positive outlook for the future.
John and Patricia Dewhurst
Horton, UK
April 2009

A very informative and uplifting experience to visit such wonderful people in sadly poor areas. Well worth it to bring one down to earth and would recommend it to anyone visiting SA. It really opened our eyes to a whole different side of life. Keep up the brilliant work.
Sharples family
Worsley, Manchester, UK
April 2009

I just wanted to thank you for the afternoon we spent with you on our recent holiday in South Africa. It truly was one of the highlights of our trip. Thank you also for telling us about the recent past in South Africa. Although I thought I knew something about apartheid, there was lots I didn't know and things which had more resonance when you are actually there seeing how things are.
Anne Ansbro
UK, March 2009

Thank you for doing the most important work !!
Lorna Chang
Gates Foundation
Seattle, USA
March 2009

We absolutely loved the Uthando Tour! The way you approach the problems that the township communities are facing, is definitely one of the most sustainable ánd amazing options to get a look inside
Evelien van Veen
Talisman Travel Design, Holland
February 2009

Many thanks for a wonderful morning. I wish you all the luck in the world and it is reassuring to know that there are still people like yourself who embody what is good about the human spirit. I will always remember what I saw today and hopefully we have given a small amount back.
Best regards for the future and I may see you again one day.
Nick and Cathy Armitage
Merseyside, UK
February 2009

Fantastically interesting and encouraging, we will tell all our friends about Uthando and all the wonderful projects it supports.
Michael and Hilary Kaltz
Northwood, UK
February 2009

A very moving and invaluable experience. So so glad I took the time with Uthando. Thank you.
Richard Dean
Surrey, UK
February 2009

It really was our pleasure. The time we spent turned out to be one of our best experiences. Just got back and have been telling everyone about it. I am sure we will keep in touch. Your work makes you one of the real heroes". Best of luck.
A wonderful experience, thank you.
Sandi and Gary Abrams
Chicago, USA
January 2009

Definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Cape Town
Bauwman Family
The Netherlands
January 2009

Fantastic, really enjoyed the experience
Carroll Lensivs
California, USA
January 2009

We had a lovely time, and particularly loved the dancing.
Northrop Family
New York, USA
January 2009

The tour was very moving, and I learned a lot, thank you.
Cedric Johnson
San Francisco, USA
January 2009

This has been the most interesting tour we took during our stay.
Vandelli Family
Modena, Italy
December 2008

Very interesting tour. It has given us a good insight of the everyday life in the townships, good and bad aspects.
Nyberg family
Taby, Sweden
December 2008

Awesome and eye opening day
Dr Steven Cross
Ohio, USA
December 2008

Uthando offers a different experience.
An opportunity to meet some of the many people in our
society who are experiencing challenging circumstances, and
at the same time, an opportunity to meet some of the people
who care and who are making a difference.
Your field trips are informative, enlightening, uplifting and an
essential experience for both overseas visitors, interested in the
human side of our country, and for South Africans alike.
More than this, it allows people an opportunity to contribute in
some small way towards these projects and through their heightened
awareness, to the positive efforts that will change our society for the better.
Glen Christie
Vineyard Ventures, Cape Town
South Africa
November 2008

James we had a great pleasure to share these precious moments with you and your friends, this has given us hope that there are alway possibities to make this place better if we want it... you and your team have been very inspiring to us. Please keep us update with your projects.
Christian and Laurence Bagnoud
December 2008

You're a constant inspiration James, thank-you so much for living your vision with such incredible faith and courage... and for making it contagious! On behalf of all of us 'on the field'; we appreciate you more than we can express adequately!
Christopher Luyt
Hlanganani Ngothando , Kwa-Zulu Natal
December 2008

Thanks very much, what a great inspiring experience
Sean Kritzinger
MD, Giltedge Travel, Cape Town
December 2008

Wonderful, uplifting, and very educational
Kate and Rick Tomkinson
November 2008

Thank you very much for you tour yesterday. As you could notice, all the information and backround knowledge you shared with us made me speechless. When I decided to leave my homeland for while I had many option like Australia or the US but I wanted to see what really happens in South Africa. Your well organized tour gave me a huge insight in the life of many many nice people. And it was really emotional to see that all these people gave us the chance to say sorry and build a new and better future for all of us. I really like to thank you for that. I wish you all the best for you and your projects and I am sure that is a possibility to work together. Thanks again and kind regards
SALT, Cape Town
November 2008

Thank you so much for the tour yesterday. I think we will need some more days to assimilate all these impressions.
I am really impressed of your way to help and I really want to do something for those people as well. Thank you !
Sabine Schmidt
SALT, Cape Town
November 2008