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Project References

Congratulations on a huge organisational feat! The Uthando benefit show was really well organised and the audience was great. The hbmpt kids had a brilliant day!

I was so glad to have the privilege of meeting so many projects and seeing them perform, most , for the first time.
Well done, James!! Please thank Terra Nova for us too, they were wonderful.

Thanks again for a lovely experience at the Table Bay on Tuesday.
Best regards
Leanne Dollman, Hout Bay Music Project 

Dearest James,
I must congratulate you and your whole team for all the hard work you did in making the event last week the resounding success it was.
We also thank you for all the many hours that you put into all these amazing projects in making such a difference to so many lives.
Having this function was such a good thing for the tourist industry and making them aware of what else is out there to see and be part of and get others to also partake financially and practically.
So well done and I know how much you care with you passion and complete dedication you having in making such a valuable difference.
With all my admiration and respect always.
Phil x

Philip Boyd
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 021 697 5509
Fax: 021 697 1516
25 May 2011

Dearest James and Terra Nova Team,
We would like to extend our sincerest thanks for including NOAH in its spectacular Uthando Benefit concert on 17 May 2011 at the stately Table Bay Hotel.
I was expertly organised and executed and offered NOAH a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to hundreds of interested individuals. The NOAH choir cannot stop talking about their performance, and the NOAH Soap project has already followed up on the many contacts made at the exhibition. I can only imagine the blood, sweat and tears that would go in to coordinating and running such an event – all in aid of charity and no gains for Terra Nova and Uthando other than philanthropic!

We are also proud to say we sold R 700 worth of soap to guests and secured numerous potential clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We are so grateful for Uthando’s continued support – offered with grace and generosity to NOAH clients.
Warmest regards
Jane Mills and the NOAH team
NOAH Marketing coordinator
CC Anne van Niekerk
NOAH Programme Manager
CC Thembeka Gecelo
Social Club coordinator
Sinah George
NOAH Khayelitsha Manager
We have been involved with Uthando for one and half years now, with Uthando bringing visitors to the centre to see the work that we are doing. We have seen the power of the tourism industry to make big and positive changes in our centre and community. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Uthando and the tourists who assist in making such a great difference to Khumbulani Centre. The tremendous and kind contribution you have shown to us, indicates the way in which you care for the well being of our future generations.
Our special thanks again for your assistance, without you we would not be operating the centre.
Gloria Bebeza
Khumbulani Centre, Khayelitsha
May 2009

Dear Mr James
I write this thank you note with a big smile on my face. You have helped Thandolwethu very much with the donations to buy food. I can now manage to do educare activities by the fees, I can even manage to pay the caregiver a stipend. Now I manage to buy enough food for the kids. You have done a good job for Thandolwethu. The parents, and the management committee say that may god bless you.
Constance Ndzelwane, Principal
Thandolwethu Educare Centre
April 2009


James House places a great premium on its partnership with Uthando SA, not only because of the obvious financial benefits, but also because of the exposure of our work to a market that we would never have been able to reach. From the outset, the partnership has been an absolute pleasure. James Fernie has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the organizations supported by Uthando, and makes every effort to ensure that the engagement between his clients, our staff and the communities they serve, is handled with sensitivity and due regard for the dignity of all concerned. I would venture to say that Uthando’s clients have a better understanding of the dynamics within marginalized communities than many South Africans. Through their empathy and moral support of the work we do, they bolster the confidence of our staff and affirm the value of their efforts in service of the community. This is an invaluable contribution, for which we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Uthando.James Fernie established Uthando early in 2008.
From the beginning, he invited NOAH to be a partner with him and has been bringing visitors to visit the elderly members of our social club.
Chriso Read, Director, James House, April 2009



The grannies get very excited to meet people from overseas and feel valued to have visitors who are interested in them and their welfare.
Tourists who come are in small groups and are people with a particular interest in seeing programmes who are making a difference in people’s lives. It is a uplifting experience for them and they come away with a satisfied feeling and are able to spread a positive message about what is happening in South Africa.

James was able to raise funds for a lovely Christmas party in December and has organised a trip for 90 seniors to visit Robben Island in April. This has generated great excitement as none of them have ever had the opportunity to go before.
He has managed to secure donations of TV’s, clothing and other useful items for the elderly, as well as a financial contribution to the organisation for each of his visits.

James is a kind and generous person who encourages and supports us in our work and is somebody we regard as a true friend.
Everybody looks forward to his visits on Wednesdays.

Dee Wills
Programme Manager, Neighbourhood Old Age Homes, February 2009

James and Uthando genuinely understand development and are pioneering a unique form of social tourism which has genuine integrity and is not driven by the consumeristic notion that “my money is my right to expect everyone to jump for me” but rather operates from the motivation that we are here to serve the development of humanity and nature. Uthando does not belabour us with more and more demands and work, and leaves us free to get on with what we are good at- training and developing farmers!! James and Uthando first informed themselves completely about us, then they did and continue to do all the work of setting up the visitor connections. They also help to train and coach the farmers in our community projects, to improve their visitor-hosting standards, and without interfering in their farming work!! And on top of everything they raise and donate funds for our programme!! James and Uthando are a dream come true. Viva James and Uthando Viva!!
April 2009
Rob Small, Abalimi Bezakhaya



 The Pebbles Project is proud to be associated with Uthando SA, we are very appreciative of the funding we have received and look forward to welcoming more Uthando visitors to our programmes.
The funding from Uthando has enabled us to bring in a Lifeskills and Lifestyle facilitator for workshops that will commence in May 2009, offering a group of teenage girls the opportunity to experience the world of beauty, while tackling more challenging issues such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and contraception and building self-esteem. These girls will be given an insight into possible careers in the beauty industry as well as growing personally. This could be a REAL chance to break the cycle of poverty and isolation that so often prevents youngsters from reaching their full potential. Thank you Uthando!
April 2009
Sophia Warner, Director, Pebbles Project 



Jikeleza Dance Project is proud to be affiliated with Uthando SA for the past 13months. We have a very solid and sound relationship and share the same visions of empowering and nurturing Youth from Impoverished backgrounds.
Uthando SA has a passionate connection and interest for each individual that participates in our programmes.

Many visitors to the country have had the pleasure of visiting our various venues in the Informal Settlement and Cape Flats areas. We have networked with many tourists who have visited over the months through the regular visits thanks to Uthando SA .

James Fernie has very special place in the hearts of Staff and Children at Jikeleza because of his ongoing support. He is one of the few that has taken the time out to see what it is that we do in these disadvantaged areas. This has given us the International exposure that we would ordinarily not have had.

Jikeleza wishes Uthando SA all the best for the future and may they go from strength to strength. They deserve all the good that comes their way

Project Founder and Director
Edmund Thwaites April 2009


 The Hout Bay Music Project Trust heartily endorses the concept of 
Uthando SA. It is a way of bringing tourists into the heart of 
impoverished and marginalised communities without intruding on these 
communities and invading their privacy. It focuses the tourists’ 
attention on the efforts of organisations and individuals who are 
making a real difference in this country, creating a very positive 
impression of the country. In our particular case it gives the 
children an opportunity to perform for, and interact with, an (always 
enthusiastic!) audience. The value of this in the children’s lives is 
not to be underestimated. 
We have experienced problems in the past with tourists visiting the 
project in an unstructured way, which is often disruptive to the 
routine of the program. Through Uthando, tourists are able to visit in 
a discreet and structured way. The H.B.M.P.T. has benefitted from 
substantial funding which Uthando and it's international network of 
foreign and local donors have provided. 
It is also a way in which the donor, Uthando which visits the projects 
on a regular basis, can build up a meaningful relationship with 
beneficiaries, can keep a regular eye on the beneficiary projects and 
can respond to the projects' needs swiftly and appropriately. 
Tourism generates major income for this country and it makes sense 
that tour operators and guest houses that are benefitting are putting 
back into local communities in a tangible way and are able to witness 
firsthand the very real benefits of their own contributions. 
Uthando SA is cultural tourism at its meaningful best! Long may this 
worthwhile initiative continue! 


The Mdzananda Animal Clinic is the only community based animal clinic in Khayelitsha that serves the needs of the pet population in this vast geographical area.
Being a non– profit organization, we rely on the generosity and good will of people.

With the current global economic crisis, we anticipate a significant reduction in donations from our current donor base. We believe that the work that Uthando South Africa does, offers an excellent opportunity to provide exposure for our project and many other deserving projects.

Jane Levinson
Project Manager , April2009

We at Learn to Earn are glad to partner with Uthando SA - we welcome future opportunities and are grateful for their support to date. Some of the benefits of this partnership to date include:
Exposure to new potential donors and new marketing opportunities for our arts & crafts
Source of funding itself as R10 000 was received from Uthando for catering equipment at our newly extended training centre in Khayelitsha
Enhanced networking possibilities across the non for profit sector: collaboration and not competition.
So far Uthando has been successful in facilitating mutually beneficial relationships and we look forward to seeing them grow.
Aleks Jablonska, Learn to Earn
April 2009