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As a Responsible Tourism Initiative, funding for Uthando South Africa and the projects it supports is generated primarily through tourism related companies promoting South Africa as a destination. However, this does not preclude any individual, company or organisation having an interest in the region from making donations or supporting Uthando in any way.

As a social broker or agent Uthando South Africa will :

  • select the projects to receive funding,
  • ensure they meet minimum standards before they receive funding,
  • ensure that projects comply with the highest standards of accountability and transparency
  • report back sufficiently to benefactors on a regular basis through press releases, newsletters and annual financial reports and legally required directors reports

Funding is primarily generated through:

  • Local and international tour operators
  • Local hoteliers and lodges
  • Income from field trips
  • Individual benefactors and other donations

Foreign Tour operators (i.e. outside of South Africa)

A contribution per itinerary sold above a certain value is made to Uthando South Africa. This contribution can be an amount taken from the profit of the tour operator or as a contribution added to the quotation which is then signed off by the traveller. In both instances, the travellers attention is brought to the fact that the tour operator has selected Uthando South Africa and its grass roots projects as their charity of choice, and the traveller is invited to visit the Uthando website to read about the projects being financed with a view to taking one of the field excursions to visit the projects and see first hand where the money is being spent.

Inbound tour operators (South African operators)

Local operators selling directly to the consumer, either through the internet or other means, will follow the same process as above. Local operators acting as an inbound agent for foreign operators already involved in the programme, can make a smaller contribution of their own.

Hotels and lodges in South Africa

Local hotels and lodges contribute a percentage of each booking to Uthando South Africa. The welcome letter to the guest will contain a reference to this contribution and Uthando flyers will be placed in the information packs in the rooms.