Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Roethenbach in Bavaria HUGE success towards helping Masibulele Educare

Class 10a from Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Roethenbach in Bavaria, Germany, raised 1100€ (R18 079.71) to help at #LetsBuildMasibulele.

Inspired by their English teacher Simone Suenkel, who got to know Uthando in 2016 when she visited South Africa, the class organized a bazaar  ”READ FOR SOUTH AFRICA“ with a second hand book sale. The students created bookmarks, painted pictures and sold South African wine at their summer party at school, where guests also generously donated towards construction of the new early childhood development centre, Masibulele Educare. A video about Masibulele was presented by the students, so people learned about the importance of the cause they were supporting. Due to their commitment and enthusiasm the school group can be VERY proud of the amount of money they raised towards building Masibulele and enabling children in Khayelitsha to attend a decent pre-school and get the best start possible in life.