Uthando hits 300 reviews on Trip Advisor !

A very big thank you to the clients who went to the effort of reviewing the Uthando Philanthropic Cultural Tour on Trip Advisor. On the 17th of December Uthando hit 300 reviews,  98% of reviews rated the tour as excellent and 2% very good with the Uthando Tour listed at “#13 of 446 Tours in Cape Town Central

The 300 the review :

“James led our university group (professor and 15 students) to four different non-profit organizations in different townships. At each place, we got to learn about the important work that was being done in each organization. We also were blessed to see a number of different performances — music, dancing, drumming, drama. Incredibly enriching experience and an unparalleled way to spend an afternoon in Cape Town.”

Professor Steve Herbert

Department of Law, Societies, and Justice
University of Washington