U-turn is a registered NGO based in Cape Town founded in 1997 dealing with homelessness. Over the past 21 years, have crafted an innovative skills based programme designed with long term results for rehabilitation and reintegration. Six months after graduating from the programme, more than 80% of participants remain employed and sober.

Afri-Creative Hub


Afri-Creative Hub is an Art centre assisting emerging artists achieve their dreams and also aims to empower them with knowledge gained skills development . It was established in 2019 by Nwabisa Nkonyana, a fine arts graduate with a vision of imparting her skills and knowledge to the youth and more particularly those interested in [...]

Macassar Pottery


Macassar Pottery is the flagship of an extensive community transformation process in Macassar, Cape Town. Within the business, they upskill, employ, and incubate un-schooled youths who, incidentally, make up 50% of all young people in South Africa. Macassar Pottery offers learnerships and on-the-job training to help young people become employable, productive citizens. With the [...]

4Roomed Ekasi “Four-Roomed House” Culture


Following her elimination from Top Chef SA competition for burning sugar for dessert, Chef Abigail did not let that bitter disappointment thwart her dreams. Instead, she persevered, and in December 2016, 4Roomed Ekasi Culture was born. Chef Abigail Mbalo-Mokeana, a former dental technologist, born in Gugulethu township in a four-roomed "Ekasi" or, Apartheid dwelling [...]

Lavender in Lavender Hill


Lavender in Lavender Hill is a community empowerment company founded by Marcelle du Plessis. They produce high quality, all-natural ingredient lavender body, home, and food products. The aim is to empower the Lavender Hill community. The organization supports job creation and entrepreneurial development. Lavender in Lavender Hill works with underprivileged product producers, small enterprises, [...]



The founders of Quirky30, Sihle Tshabalala, and Mzimkulu, are remarkable human beings and truly inspiring speakers. Their life stories are exceptional. Both, born into a life of poverty in the township of Langa, Cape Town both Sihle and Mzi pursued a life of crime and gangsterism leading to their respective terms of imprisonment for [...]

The Big Issue


The Big Issue is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO). They produce an award-winning, high-quality monthly consumer magazine focusing on the social issues of the day, which self-employed sell to make a living. The Big Issue provides social development services to vendors. The organization creates jobs for the unemployed, vulnerable, [...]

The Spinach King


Spinach King was established in 2011 by Lufefe Nomjana to promote the consumption of spinach by producing innovative spinach products. As spinach contains all six major classes of nutrients and it is one of the most highly affordable and easy to grow vegetables. With forty Rands capital and the help of his neighbor who [...]