Uthando (Love) South Africa is proud to work with and support a fantastic collection of independent, well-managed, innovative and inspiring community development projects and charitable organizations and social entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum of sectors including the following:

  • Abused women and children / domestic violence
  • Agriculture and food gardens
  • Animal welfare
  • Human development through arts/culture and sport
  • Children and Educare
  • Disabilities
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Education
  • Elderly and aging
  • Environmental and green
  • Farmworkers and rural development
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Housing / Shelter
  • Nutrition
  • Population health
  • Prisoner rehabilitation
  • Reconciliation and human rights development
  • Refugees and migrants
  • Skills development and empowerment
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Unemployment

The criterion for consideration as a grantee project:

  • Grantees must be community based.
  • Grantees must be registered Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) with the South African Department of Social Development.
  • Grantees must be prepared to submit needs analyses to Uthando and provide satisfactory reports on expenditure including Annual Reports and Annual Financial Statements.
  • Grantees must satisfy Uthando that benefits to the community are clearly defined and activities are tangible and evident.
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Uthando (love) South Africa Projects

Community and development projects we work with and support.


Abalimi Bezekhaya “Farmers of the home”

Abalimi Bezekhaya, meaning "Farmers Of The Home" in isiXhosa, is a non-profit urban farming organization that provides support to disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. In an act to combat poverty, Abalimi teaches people how to grow and maintain their organic vegetable gardens within the local communities. Projects include home and community gardens to encourage [...]


Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes (RF) NPC is an organization that provides a safe place of refuge for women who are returning to society, having experienced and endured time in prison. Understanding the challenges an ex-offender faces when trying to rebuild their lives, the program emphasizes women’s nurturing and empowerment. Beauty for Ashes' development programs aids [...]


Betterchoice Gumboot Dance

Betterchoice Gumboot Dance is a community-based youth project established in 2012 by Eric Xezu based in Site B Khayelitsha. Betterchoice has 35 participating members of boys and girls, ages ranging from 7 to 15 years. The program focuses on teaching children Gumboot and Traditional style dance and offers a homework club to assist children [...]


BRAVE Rock Girl

BRAVE is girl-led and trains girls from underserved communities. The program empowers girls and young women to tell their stories through journalism and photography/film, acquire practical skills, and build networks among their peers. BRAVE enables at-risk girls to access education, health care, economic empowerment, self-confidence, and safety. The primary goal is to create safe [...]


Cape Town Opera Outreach

Cape Town Opera (CTO) youth development and education program conduct various activities throughout the year in low-income rural and urban areas. Khayelitsha, Retreat, Vredenburg, Philippi, Gugulethu, Wynberg, and the outlying regions across South Africa. Social ills ravage these areas as a result of the destructive cycle of poverty every generation endures. The projects include [...]


Cart Horse Protection Association

The Cart Horse Protection Association is a non-profit animal welfare organization, established in 1995 in Cape Town, to promote the welfare of working horses and donkeys in the Western Cape through service provision, legislation, education, training, and to protect them from abuse. After years of neglect and maltreatment due to the relocation of the [...]