The breath-taking natural beauty and diverse cultures aside, South Africa suffers many acute social challenges. Millions of her citizens live in extreme poverty and face daily struggles to survive, let alone thrive. Motivated by love, compassion, and respect for our common humanity, Uthando (Love) South Africa seeks to form part of the solution to meet these challenges.

As an award-winning model of responsible tourism and traveling philanthropy, Uthando is drawing on an extensive network of cherished partnerships in tourism and community development, with the ultimate goal of linking these two sectors by a myriad of innovative, sincere and meaningful ways.

Our respectful, life-changing Philanthropic Educational Excursions allow Uthando guests to experience South Africa’s unique spirit of Ubuntu ‘I am because we are’. Our culturally sensitive philanthropic educational excursions shine a light on the many deserving, unsung community heroes. Their nation-building efforts so often go unrecognized and unrewarded.


“It’s about giving with love. Creating hope and faith. Hope for a better future, faith in humanity.” –

JAMES FERNIE Director, Uthando South Africa