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The Best Township Tour I have ever seen by Chris Thwala from Safari365
As a young black child growing up in the township I always felt special yet intimidated when white people would visit out Township (Alexandra, Johannesburg). The visitors would take photos of us, give us sweets and we were told to sing for them. No, no, no.. that is not the case with Uthando Tours, they are more concern about changing the face of South Africa, not putting money into their pockets by advertising the poverty in the townships. You will feel engaged, loved and a responsible traveller. Don’t miss it. When you are in Cape Town, make it be your bucket list. We need more organisations/companies like Uthando.
Chris also sent the following email to Uthando immediately after the tour…
“Hi James
Many thanks indeed for this wonderful opportunity.
For a black South African man, I’m very pleased and excited about your projects. This is something that we have been waiting for since the dawn of democracy.
We felt we were part of your project, not just tourist, that is what I want for my clients as well. I don’t want people to feel as though the Townships are somehow subservient. Xolani was excellent, very passionate about his country, work and optimistic about the change Uthando is bringing.
Review by SK from Eco Fence Cape (February2019)
Enkosi kakhulu (thank you) for hosting us on Uthando Tour.I must honestly say as a South African who has lived in this country and have had experienced that dark tumultuous past that once scorched our country, and being black I honestly cannot say that I was looking forward to revisiting those ugly truths. I love the work that you and your team are doing especially the way you implemented dignity and humility to the tourist and the visitors. This comes from the perspective that I have seen people coming into townships and taking pictures of human beings like there are animals from some zoo and you were very efficient in addressing such issues. I personally learnt so much, more especially because you start at the beginning when the first European’s settled in Africa. Felt like that was very important, it gave the group a 360-degree perspective that injustices in this country are really deep-rooted and how people from all races are affected by segregation and how this separation affects us differently. It’s important for us as a society to be able to find the confidence to confront our past in order for us to correct our future. Keep the good work up and personally I would like to thank you so very much for your efforts, I will be joining you soon for a trip again as soon as my British friend Antonia arrives in June.
Regards, SK (from Eco Fence Cape)

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