Uthando South Africa has won numerous and prestigious local and international awards since the inception of the company in 2008. Uthando has graciously and gratefully received the awards. Still, they recognize not only the passion, hard work, and dedication of team Uthando but also the many people that contribute in different ways to the organization’s success. Thanks to the efforts and talents of passionate and talented people from South Africa and further afield, Uthando is a vibrant and vivid success.



At Uthando South Africa we are so so incredibly proud of the most resilient, courageous, talented and remarkable South Africans who are bringing real change at grass roots level despite many challenges and obstacles.

Through the “Philanthropic Educational Excursions” we aim to tell their stories to the world and in doing so raise money and whatever assistance we can to help and support their worthy and incredible efforts.

We are also very proud of our South African history / story because as a collective we chose negotiation over war and love over hate, and through our excursions we also aim to tell this story far and wide to our guests, because maybe the rest of the world can learn from SA that in order to solve challenges and prevent violence, we need to speak to our enemies and not just our friends.

Our recently launched Heart of Cape Town initiative touches on this courageous story of South Africa.

Through our excursions we also aim to bring JOY into the world, raising vibrations through music, singing and dancing with magnificent local choirs and connecting people in respectful but also fun ways.

On behalf of my colleagues, Xolani Maseko in particular and all of the community development projects with which we work and support, we are beyond grateful that our guests have so graciously provided such awesome feedback that places Uthando South Africa in the top 10% of Trip Advisor reviews globally. Many thanks all around.


Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner
Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner
Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner
Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner


Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner


Africa’s Inspirational Responsible Tourism Awards – ‘Benefiting Local People.’

Our reason for being is to benefit local people, even when we’re not allowed to operate, due to the lockdown restrictions in South Africa. During the lockdown on a rather gloomy day, I received the news that Uthando (Love) South Africa had won the Gold award for the 2020 Inspirational Africa Responsible Tourism Awards.

Invited to participate by Responsible Tourism to contend for this first-ever award, we were excited to submit for the new category award ‘Africa’s Inspirational Responsible Tourism Award 2020’. Our contenders, a carefully selected group of tourism products consistently awarded the Gold standard in the World Travel Market (WTM) Responsible Tourism between 2015 and 2019, were stiff competition. Three out of five awards are Africa-based, which is something special.

Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner

Uthando wins Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2020

“Congrats, you’re a 2020 Traveler’s Choice Winner. Congratulations Uthando (Love) South Africa on being a Travelers’ Choice Winner. Each year, we comb through reviews, ratings, and saves from travelers everywhere, and use that info to award the very best. You’re part of an exclusive group, and we want to help you celebrate (and promote) this major accomplishment.” The Uthando Philanthropic Educational Excursion is now in the top 10% of attractions worldwide.

Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner

WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards

Uthando named as one of 21 organisations globally recognized with the Highly Commended Award.

Responsible tourism awards Africa 2020 winner


Certificate of Excellence – Trip Advisor

Trip advisor certificate of excellence - 2018