Members of the Khayelitsha community formed Khumbulani Center, meaning “To Remember” in isiXhosa due to a large number of individuals infected and affected by HIV, AIDS, and TB in their direct neighborhood and the devastating consequences thereof. These include an inability to work and thus financial difficulty, leading to food insecurity and preventing parents from affording their children a quality education. Also, the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS meant that many individuals had inadequate knowledge about the diseases and did not receive the social support in the community that they would require to deal with the effects of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB).

Khumbulani’s founding members experienced the gravity of the problem when volunteering in a soup kitchen for individuals in their neighborhood. Khumbulani developed a holistic community program consisting of an Educare and an aftercare facility, an HIV support group, vegetable garden, and outreach program.

Through its projects, Khumbulani mobilizes community support for individuals and families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and TB, encourages people living with the diseases to take up treatment, and deals with the stigma attached to the conditions.


We invite those who value this beautiful country and its people to join our cause, helping to support, protect and nurture it for generations to come.

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