James and Xolani visiting the Makukhanye Art Room in Khayelitsha

Messages of THANKSGIVING From Our Community Development Partners

Abalimi Bezekhaya “Farmers of Home”

Abalimi Bezekhaya

“The micro farmers of the Cape Flats thank you wholeheartedly for supporting our efforts at investing in sustainable agricultural programmes over many years and especially in 2020 when it is needed the most.”

Afri-Creative Hub

Afri Creative Hub

“Much gratitude to Uthando and the donors for your support and encouragement. Without your assistance, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to provide the skills to the community and especially the gift of art therapy to our youth, thank you and thank you so much.”

Alcardo Andrews Foundation

“We thank the Uthando Family for their invaluable support throughout this year in our community of Hanover Park which is so devastated by gangsterism, violence and hunger. Thank you for paying attention to our community which is so often overlooked. Thank you and God bless!”

Amy Foundation (formerly Amy Biehl Foundation)

Amy Foundation

“We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support for our work with the township’s most vulnerable youngsters. Thank you.”

Better Choice Gumboots Dance Project

Better Choice Gumboots

“We thank and appreciate the donors for their wonderful support and contributions given to us to help develop our children through dance and after-school activities. We thank you for not forgetting us in these very difficult times for everyone.”

Brave Rock Girl

Brave Rock Girl

“It is our pleasure at Brave to thank you all at Uthando for your generous donations, support and contributions for our Girl Movement in communities so ravaged by abuse and Gender Based Violence.”

Cart Horse Protection Association

Cart Horse Protection

“Uthando really rock and have helped us through this very difficult time in 2020 to care for our horses and hundreds of people that rely on them for income.”

Christel House School, South Africa

Christel House

“Thank you for giving an invaluable lifeline to 300 Christel House families for 6 months during lockdown and thank you for the steadfast support you’ve given Christel House and allowing us to make a big difference in our children’s families’ lives.”

Dance For All

Dance For All

“With huge gratitude to Uthando & its donors for their ongoing support in helping us to continue with our most valuable work of providing life skills to hundreds of children through our dance programmes.”

Ekhaya Ekasi “Home in the Hood”

Ekhaya Ekasi Centre

“Ekhaya Ekasi is so honoured to be part of Uthando SA as we provide skills development to women in our area. A heartfelt thank you to Uthando SA and all the donors.”

Eziko “Fireplace” Cooking and Catering School

Eziko Cooking School

“We thank UTHANDO SA and all the wonderful donors who have supported us during covid-19 pandemic in keeping the school open and assisting with our feeding scheme for the disabled in Langa.”

Ghetto Gardeners

Ghetto Gardeners

“As Ghetto Gardeners “GG” would like to thank Uthando SA donors, with all the love of beauty and generosity you’ve been giving to our nutritional campaign and vegetable production programmes in the townships.”

Girls Matter

Girls Matter

“Girls Matter are extremely grateful to Uthando for the ongoing support you have provided during these challenging times.  Your donors have enabled the group to remain connected, and so allowed these vulnerable young mothers to receive ongoing emotional support and care. These girls want to know they have value, are accepted, and feel they belong somewhere. Uthando has allowed Girls Matter to continue to affirm them in this way.”

Golden Flower Museum and Tours

Golden Flowers

“Uthando and your amazing donors really helped lots and lots of people including our family at the Golden Flower Museum and Tours, you stood by us and carried us on your shoulders. You have been there for us when the rest have disappeared and for that we are forever grateful and so appreciative of the support you have given us, thank you so much.”

Greater Commission United (GCU)

Greater Commission United

“Thank you Uthando for all that you doing across the Cape Flats. Without your donor’s support and assistance for our programmes, many children would be falling be prey to gangsterism, drugs, alcohol and crime. Keep going please.”

Hanover Park Cricket Club

Hanover Park Cricket Club

“Our slogan adopted in August 2019, when we toured the UK – #Breakingboundaries – In March 2020, along came Uthando South Africa, with its partners and allowed us to live this slogan and give further hope and purpose to all our members (Males and Females). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love you all…”

Home From Home

Home from Home

“Your kindness has helped us continue to provide a second chance at a loving family for the nearly 200 foster children in our care. Thank You!”

Ikhaya “Home” Garden (Ikhaya Kulture Garden)

Ikhaya Garden

“May people like you grow and multiply for the sake of humanity, may you continue to rise like a lily in the valley, makwande (growth)… Enkosi kakhulu (thank you so much) Uthando SA donors.”

Isibane Se Afrika “The light of Africa”

Isibanese AFrika

“We would like to thank all Uthando SA donors for supporting our community soup kitchen and the choir members, you have helped us daily to feed thousands of hungry souls since March. Without your love and generosity many wouldn’t have survived the harsh and difficult conditions due to COVID-19.”

Isiseko “The Foundation” Educare

Isiseko Educare

“Isiseko would like to express many thanks to Uthando donors, without your help and support we could not have faced many obstacles, especially this year, Enkosi kakhulu (thank you so much).”

Khayelitsha Art School and Rehabilitation Centre (Kasi RC)


“Kasi RC would like to thank all the donors and Uthando SA support, your commitment to the upliftment and development of the marginalized and still disadvantaged communities is truly appreciated and we thank you for your continued generosity.”

Khumbulani “To Remember” Educare

Khumbulani Centre

“We would like to express our gratitude and appreciate the sense of good will you have shown us during this very difficult year, you have been a true blessing to us all. Thank you to all the donors who have made a huge difference in the children lives.”

Kronendal Music Academy

Krondendal Music Academy

“Kronendal Music Academy will remain ever grateful to Uthando, and their supporters around the world, who facilitated constant assistance from James and his team, during one of the most challenging years in our history. Together, we made a difference. Thank you!”

Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn

“Despite the challenges and disruptions of the year, Learn to Earn is thankful to Uthando South Africa donors, without your help we would not be able to change lives and bring hope to communities that need it most through our programme of empowering and skills development to the unemployed.”

Little CJ’s Educare

Little Cjays

“Thank you so much to all the Uthando SA donors, we at Little CJ’s are deeply grateful for your assistance and help, you have really made children’s lives better in the community of Blue Downs and provided life saving nutrition to hungry people.”

Macassar Pottery