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We are pleased & proud to launch the fundraising campaign to build Goal50 Edu Hub Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) in the community of Heideveld, Cape Town, South Africa.

Like Ulwazi Educare which was recently constructed by Natural Building Collective, Goal50 Edu Hub will be built from tyres, plastic bottles filled with rubbish (eco bricks), polyutharene film set waste blocks and recycled materials. While the syllabus at Goal50 Edu Hub will be based on Montesorri principles, the pre-school will offer the Jubilee Excellence Training in conjunction with Shiloh Education. Quality education in quality sustainable buildings.

Xolani Maseko

Goal50 Edu Hub will be a beacon of hope, inspiration, innovation and a centre of excellence for youth development, education, creativity and nurturing in South Africa.

We are launching a GLOBAL CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN to raise the R12 million required to build the centre, with the idea that “many hands make light work”. We hope that you feel inspired to invest in the future of South Africa and share this campaign far and wide with friends and colleagues.

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Crowd Funding Campaign

Xolani Maseko

On Saturday 3 September Ulwazi Educare in Delft officially opened the new pre-school building. With funding from Uthando SA, the Natural Building Collective team constructed the most extraordinary and remarkable Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) in the country. Built from 1700 tyres, plastic bottles filled with rubbish and decompressed film set waste. Ikamva Labantu provide the curriculum and teacher training at Ulwazi Educare ensuring quality education in quality buildings. It is not a beautiful building in isolation.


On Saturday 3 September in Heideveld the fundraising campaign was also launched to build Goal50 Edu Hub with 3500 tyres, 6000 plastic bottles filled with rubbish and 12 000 polyutharen film set waste. This ECD will offer foundational education based on the Montesorri principles and offer Jubilee Excellence Schools training in conjunction with Shiloh Education www.shiloh.org.za

There are of course many many good and worthy causes that urgently require support in South Africa, but people also need positive and inspiring symbols of hope.

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Goal50 Edu Hub and the campaign around it will highlight the important issues of early childhood education and development, gangsterism, climate change, recycling waste to name a few. Goal50 Edu Hub is visible from the N2 Highway passing Heideveld and will attract enormous amounts of attention.

Both Ulwazi Educare and Goal50 Edu Hub are labours of love because of the passion, dedication and commitment to early childhood education / nurturing and sustainable buildings tackling climate change and waste. They are examples of what is possible. We want to rally South Africans and people from all around the world who love South Africa, and are passionate about these critical issues, to contribute to the construction of Goal50 Edu Hub which will be a highly visible and tangible beacon of hope, inspiration and innovation.

Xolani Maseko

With our sincere gratitude and love, project partners


Lets inspire the world with an amazing story of positivity.

Xolani Maseko
Xolani Maseko